Luxurious space

The 33-meter-long, 12-meter-wide catamaran has nine guest rooms in such a spacious area. The corridor on the main floor is approximately 2.2 meters wide. Guests can easily pass each other even with suitcases. The catamaran’s low rolling motion creates a comfortable atmosphere that makes you forget you are at sea.

All rooms have ocean view

(A Photo of Deluxe Room)

There are 3 deluxe rooms with en-suite bathroom and 6 standard rooms with two communal bathrooms and one toilet. They are all spacious with ample storage space.

All rooms have endless ocean view of Palau Sea. The toilets on board are equipped with a bidet, what a rarity in Palau. The shower is connected to a watermaker which provides the best shower experience on board with high and stable water pressure.

Bamboo room

The Japanese-style “Take-no-Ma” room is the most eye-catching feature of the ship’s interior design. A large-screen TV which you can log in to view photos and videos. It is a perfect place where you can lay back and relax.


The bow deck is equipped with deck chairs for relaxing and the rooftop deck has a Jacuzzi. You will feel like having the Palau Sea all to yourself. At night, you can gaze at the sky filled with millions of stars.

Specialty Meals

Enjoy our signature dishes freshly prepared by our Japanese chef. All three meals are served in buffet style on second floor open deck area, where you can enjoy Japanese, Western, Chinese cuisines, organic fruits, and some unique Palauan dishes. Please let us know in advance if you have special dietary requirements.

Full facilities for divers

Ryoma is equipped with facility to charge Nitrox. “Nitrox for free” throughout the cruise, training course can be provided for those who do not have an Enriched Air Nitrox Certification. On the rear deck, there is a water tank for cameras and a drying area for wetsuits. There is also a dehydrator to dry your swimsuits. Laundry service is available at extra charge, please let us know once needed.

The dive site is right here!

You will be transferred from Ryoma to dive site by speedboat, it will only take 10 minutes which a lot faster than a 60-minute trip from Koror.

Shift the time and feel like you own the place♪

In Palau, dive sites can be full of dive boats on anchor or adrift during peak season, but on liveaboard diving, our captain will ensure you can enjoy the famous dive sites and get some quality dives even during the busiest high season.

The tides are crucial for Manta feeding, again with Ryoma, we will make it much easier to target the feeding scene.

What only Ryoma can do

Ryoma will take you to faraway places cannot be reached by a day trip from Koror, e.g. enjoy Palau’s northernmost reef – Velasco Reef, and the southernmost isolated island – Helen Reef. Palau’s adventures are only possible with a cruise ship like Ryoma.

Another attraction of living on Ryoma is you will spend 24 hours a day at sea in Palau and we even offer midnight dive as well in search of unknown creatures in the open ocean, so you can explore more incredible creatures.